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Why cars make noise – noise insulation from our perspective

The main idea of car noise insulation is to make the body and all its parts less vibrating.

Friends, while communicating with you, I came to the final conclusion that the noise in the car is one of the main reasons why you get tired behind the wheel, because it is the noise level that determines how comfortable you feel in the car.

Unfortunately, generally accepted principles of noise reduction (such as in construction) do not work here. It is simply not possible to install a brick wall with a thick layer of stone wool in the car to isolate yourself from the engine, wheels and the street in general. It’s actually a metal box with big windows and we call it a car, you know?

Note that the most disturbing noise is seemingly everywhere, and it is even difficult to determine its real source. In fact, it surrounds you from all sides and makes you terribly tired.

Let’s go back a little in history. We made the first noise insulation in 2001 and it was an almost new Honda Shuttle. Then we used heavy and rather expensive bituminous materials. In the end, of course, we got a quite satisfactory result, but the weight of the car increased significantly, and it was not a cheap job at all.

We had to experiment for 7 years to get a working noise isolation technology and to find lighter and more efficient materials. The task was simple – reduce weight, increase efficiency and reduce cost! In fact, we were the first in Estonia to start supplying a new generation of noise insulation materials and formed a basic understanding of noise insulation that is used by others besides us. They are trying to copy it somehow.

The new insight is that we have pinpointed the source of the problem and are now turning our attention to solving it. To make the car quieter, we do exactly as much as is necessary. This saves materials and time. That’s why we do it faster, cheaper and better in most cases. The main noise comes from the vibration of the body and all its elements. The body takes over the vibration from the car’s moving, rotating and frictional mechanisms and, amplifying it like a music speaker, transmits all this horror as noise into the car’s interior. Have someone knock on the roof while you’re in your car and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Therefore, the main idea of car noise insulation is to make the body and all its parts less vibrating. And secondly, if possible, muffle the noise breaking through the first barrier. No need to make it complicated. It is enough to use good materials and install them in the right combination in the right places! There is no other secret here!

Over the course of 20 years, we have installed noise insulation on thousands of cars, and I can say with full confidence that we have the most experience in Estonia. We know exactly which materials in which combination to install on your car! Just come for a consultation and we will definitely help make your car even more comfortable!

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The main mistakes made when choosing noise insulation:

It is enough to insulate the wheel wells.
The source of noise is almost all metal parts of the body, which vibrate and create noise in the cabin. The larger the insulated surface, the better the result. Isolating only the wheel arches has almost no effect, as this is a very small area that does not affect the overall vibration level of the body in any way.

No need to make a roof.
The roof vibrates particularly strongly on the road and is a powerful source of noise. The roof and bottom must be done first of all in order to get rid of the annoying low-frequency noise in the cabin.

The more stuffed, the better.
the principle: the more, the better, does not work here. Additional materials in the wrong places do not give any result, but increase the weight of the car and also the overall cost of noise insulation. Always consult a specialist!

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