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Philosophy of music in the car

Dear friends! I suggest you philosophize a little on the topic of music today. It so happened that music became almost the main creator of mood. Have you ever thought about how this mood is created? Why sometimes music evokes strong emotions, and sometimes you remain absolutely indifferent to it? Have you ever heard a melody from your youth, and just like in a movie theater, only in your mind, a film from the past begins to scroll with all the pictures, impressions and even smells, tastes and emotions! You seem to be transported back in time, for real! How to make these emotions even brighter, and what affects their strength?

I started looking for an answer to this question back in the distant 90s, and since I am a techie, I was looking for an exclusively technical answer. I built my first “cool” audio system back in 1996, in 2001 I received my first cup in car audio competitions, and in 2006-2007 I was no longer equal in any competition. Due to my passion for audio systems, my knowledge and competence in this area has evolved very quickly. But I found the final answer for myself only after 10 years of my activity. The answer is so simple that you may wonder how it could have taken so many years to find it.

The idea of any audio system is solely to deliver without loss to you everything that the musicians tried to convey.

It’s like a train that hasn’t lost a single wagon along the way.
Or imagine that you ordered 200 cans of red caviar from, say, Germany. I don’t know why you need so many, but you get 200 cans of red caviar (estimate, 200 cans!!!), put them in your refrigerator, guests come to you, you open this refrigerator… Do you understand the idea? Do you feel your emotions? What about the emotions of your guests?
And now the situation is different. You ordered 200 cans of red caviar, but received only 20! So, what is next? It seems that 20 is also a lot, and you can overeat, but the mood is not at all the same. Yes, and these 20 cans are already sort of not needed … Do you understand?
So it is with music. You don’t want to listen, you don’t have emotions if you don’t get everything that the musicians conveyed.

The biggest mistake when choosing an audio system is to look at the power. This is comparable to looking at the power of the diesel locomotive that lost your 180 cans of red caviar along the way. The quality of the system is determined not by power, but by its ability to convey all the details, and with them the mood.

Emotions are transmitted through the air, just like sound, from the soul of the performer to our soul. Emotions are invested not only in the main musical idea. All the smallest details that we hear carry emotions. Music must be alive! Every breath, rustle, movement of fingers along the strings: all this brings the mood that we need so much.

Remember the melodies on the first Nokia phones. Did you recognize the tune? But could you listen to it with pleasure for hours, remembering pictures from the past? Nah … Well, of course! There just wasn’t enough power…

Want to know how to choose a system that gets you in the mood? Come visit us for a cup of coffee! We have a unique approach to choosing a system. You won’t find this approach anywhere else. We offer you emotions and moods, NOT watts and decibels. And this is where we differ! and

Vadim Lyutov
Car audio expert

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