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Noise insulation practice

Unfortunately, many car parts tend to vibrate and are therefore additional sources of noise. This problem can be mitigated by noise attenuation materials. Noise cancellation results in a significant increase in the comfort of your car.

When it comes to insulation, we try to find the best combination of materials (price – weight – performance). Our mission is to achieve maximum efficiency at a moderate increase in vehicle weight and at an affordable cost.

For “every day” vehicles, we combine a range of vibration dampers in terms of price and weight. The most “responsible” areas (wheel wells, floor above, flooring) are covered with Silent Coat Extra, the most effective but at the same time the heaviest and most expensive material. All other metal surfaces (roof, boot, doors, front and rear wings) are coated with a lighter Silent Coat.

The vibration damper must be fitted with a noise insulator or noise suppressor. If the customer’s requirements are more demanding, we use a “sandwich” principle – vibration suppressor-muffler-muffler.

The floor

As a rule, car roofs and wheel arches are poorly insulated and the insulation in other places is poor or mediocre. Almost all cars, especially SUVs and all-wheel-drive cars, have a roof made of a large surface area of relatively thin metal. It acts as a diffuser, letting through and amplifying noise from inside and outside. Try tapping on the roof – it feels like you’re sitting in a big drum. And now think about the wind constantly “knocking” on your roof when you’re on the road. To neutralise this effect, we coat the entire roof from the inside with Silent Coat. We then install an additional Insulator 6 or Absorber 15.

Engine room

It is essential that the hood is covered with a vibration damping. Before installing the vibration damping material, it is essential to clean it properly and remove any grease. If the cap already has a factory seal, it must be carefully removed beforehand and reinstalled later. Then, the interior part of the firewall (the wall between the engine and the cabin) is covered with a pig-mat. Cover as much as possible without removing the armature (removing and reinstalling the armature is too time-consuming and the revenue from it does not compensate for the effort). Usually 2/3 of the metal surface can be covered. Silent Coat or Silent Coat Extra should be used. After covering with sound absorbing mats, the surface should be further coated with Absorber. It does a great job of muffling the sounds coming from the engine compartment that Silent Coat has failed to muffle.


The floor will be treated with a combination of vibration damping material and (if possible) noise suppressors. The front of the floor is treated with Silent Coat Extra, a highly effective vibration dampener, while the rear is treated with Silent Coat, a much lighter material. The vibration damper will be fitted with an Isolator 4.

Bunk room

50-90% of the floor can be covered. The biggest source of noise is wheel wells. Particular attention should be devoted to covering them. We recommend using Silent Coat Extra and installing an Absorber 35 on top. Covering the hatch is done in a similar way to covering the lid.


Coat at least 70% of the outside (inside) of the door with Silent Coat and then also seal all openings with it for better acoustics. Absorber 15 is applied over the door upholstery.

Front wheel wells and wings

It is difficult to get rid of noise from the front wheels without removing the dashboard. Our experience shows that treating the outside of front wings and wheel arches with even the lightest Silent Coat material can produce significant results.

The work described above for a mid-range car (Honda Civic, Toyota Rav4, Mazda 6) takes 32 hours or 2 working days for 2 people.

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