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Terms of purchase and warranty


The online store is part of the network of Ravolar Grupp, a privately owned company in Estonia;
On you can find products that are in local stock. – an online system that displays prices and availability of goods with a time delay in relation to the actual state of warehouses;

autosound.eehelpdesk runs weekdays 9: 00-18: 00
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3.1 provides a limited warranty for all offered goods.
3.2. The warranty period is valid from the moment of handover indicated on the invoice.
3.3. Warranty maintenance performed during the warranty period does not extend the validity of the warranty.
3.4. Products sold by are subject to the 2-year deadline for submitting a claim, as stipulated in Section 218(2) of the Civil Code.
3.5. For customers who are legal entities, the warranty period is determined by the device manufacturer or wholesaler (importer).



4.1.1 These conditions apply e-shop customers and the owner of the company Ravolar Group Ltd. of the e-shop products purchased emerging legal relations.
4.1.2 In addition to the stipulations governing e-shop purchasing legal relations arising from the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia
4.1.3 is justified due to the development of an e-store and e-store better and safer use of the present conditions of purchase and pricing change and improve. Changes and additions on the web site Terms of the purchase and pricing changes and supplements to the effect of such modification or supplement of publication on the If the order was submitted before the change takes effect the purchase, the purchase of applying those conditions, which existed at the time of transmission of the order, except in cases where the law or these conditions stipulate otherwise.
4.1.4 The range of goods and prices change without notice.
4.1.5 For the purchase of a given quantity of goods available and the time lag may differ from the actual stock situation.
4.1.6 E-shop are entitled to various discounts for bookings made ​​during the campaigns and / or specific goods.
4.1.7 After placing the order, the goods can be booked. The transaction is considered concluded (effective) at the time when they are paid Ravolar Grupp OÜ.
4.1.8 All operations are done during operators.
4.1.9 In addition to the stipulations governing e-shop for products purchased legal relations arising from the legislation in force in the Republic of Ireland.
4.1.10 Buyer and incurred between purchase orders and the settlement of disputes relating to the negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the parties may seek to protect the rights of the Consumer Protection Board or the Tallinn city court. Resolving disagreements between the parties abide by the laws in force in the Republic of Ireland.
4.2 AVAILABILITY OF GOODS; PRICES AND INFORMATION the warehouses of goods that reflects the dynamic state of the system, which updates the status of the goods from the warehouses of data, and assessed not less than once a day.
4.2.2 All prices are given in euros (EUR, €).
4.2.3 All prices include the value added tax imposed by the Republic of Estonia.
4.2.4 is not responsible kaubainfos given commodity code and the price of compliance.
4.2.5 kaubainfos is not responsible for the goods included in the description and / or the accuracy of the images: partner stores transmit data that may be faulty and inaccurate. Commercial manufacturers may change specifications without notice.
4.2.6 Kaubainfos reflected in the amount of goods ordered and the price changes will take effect from the date of publication website.
4.2.7 Delivery kaubainfos are given in working days. Delivery time is approximate and may be prolonged for any reason later peroodile.
4.3.1 accepts orders as follows:
  • Internet, automatic ordering system;
  • telephone 66 222 77;
  • sending the order to the address
4.3.2 The purchase order is not a contract. Purchase and Sale Agreement and the fact of the matter is only incurring obligations in terms of section 4.1.6 are met.

4.4.1 The buyer has the right to cancel an unpaid or undelivered order, by installing their corresponding profile mistaken the order status.
4.4.2 The order will be automatically canceled after the payment:
  • individuals after two days;
  • legal persons after five working days.
4.4.3 If the goods are not in stock and / or the price has changed, is valid in terms of section 4.12.
4.4.4 If the buyer wants to cancel the order after payment but before delivery, is valid in terms of section 4.12.
4.5.1 The order is executed only after receipt of advance payment (see. Section 4.1.6) if the buyer unless otherwise agreed.

4.6.1 Possible payment methods:
  • website, the Internet bank via a link;
  • bank transfer (invoice) basis;
  • credit cards;
  • accrued bonus amount.
4.7.1 The buyer can choose the method of delivery:
  • after the arrival of the goods in the warehouse receiving the respective notification to come to collect the goods office (weekdays 9: 00-18: 00);
  • editorial ordered delivery anywhere in Estonia. The goods are delivered kaubainfos set maturity, but they may deadlines for reasons beyond the control of us (force majeure) increase. If you run into problems with the delivery deadline, notify the customer immediately
  •  Buyer:
    • depending on the goods delivery via courier parcel services through ATMs;
    • the goods are delivered weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00. Courier will call kohaletoimetusaja always intended to clarify;
    • wide and long products are delivered only to the front door;
    • if the ordered goods are not fit SmartPost parcel terminal, it is sent to the client by courier.
  • if a customer orders a printed photographs of the post, it takes into account the risk of theft or loss of the consignment. We strongly recommend that a courier or delivery SmartPostiga.
4.7.2 If the delivery period gets over, please send an inquiry to per order. You will receive an order reason for the delay and shall be informed of the new expected delivery time editors.
4.7.3 does not assume the obligation to compensate for losses resulting from the delay of the goods.
4.8.1 recommends to keep the original packaging of goods, where there is a need for warranty service – as required by some manufacturers. Goods and package does not remove the serial number or any other information necessary to identify the goods.
4.9.1 If the price of the goods is changed or the end is physical, and therefore are not shown in the order during the term can deliver the goods, inform the buyer in the order shown in the contact data. The purchaser shall be informed of whether the inability to deliver the goods or the goods ordered new delivery conditions. If the buyer is not satisfied with the proposed terms, he has the right to cancel the order. In this case, the effect in terms of section 4.12.
4.10.1 In cases where the goods under guarantee can not be repaired or replaced, and the purchaser shall be informed of the conditions in paragraph 4.12.
11.4 Refusal of purchase (Note: Section applies to natural persons only)
4.11.1 If the purchased goods are not suitable for any reason, the buyer has the right to cancel a purchase agreement for 14 calendar days from receipt of goods (LOA §56 paras 1 and 2). The return of the goods must be borne in mind that, according to the Law of Property Act, the customer must compensate for depreciation, incurred in connection with the use. If you do not agree with the amount offered by the, then you will need to cover the depreciation of identifying relevant expertise expenses.
4.11.2 The returned goods must not be used and must be in the original package:
  • purchaser of goods must open the original package carefully, and not in violation. Once the container is opened, you do not need to be returned goods must be in the original packaging;
  • all freight must be manufacturer’s labels, including serial number;
  • e-shop purchased goods, you can look similar to the son, or you can try on clothes and gifts to verify their suitability. However, if you bought a coffee machine, for example, you boiling coffee or mow lawn mower, then these items can not be returned to you anymore.
4.11.3 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply to purchases of the following goods:
  • The goods, which are made of a buyer’s personal needs or special in mind;
  • audio, video recordings and software, if a package is opened or the software activation code is sent out by the supplier;
  • newspapers, magazines and other periodicals.
4.11.4 If the buyer wishes to purchase-sale contract, it shall, within 14 calendar days of receipt of the goods, notify the e-shop at   The addition of freight and mail, a photo package. reserves the right to require additional photographs returned from the vessel.
4.11.5 The buyer agrees to bear the cost of returning the mail generated in sizes up to 15 EUR, with the exception of cases where the returned goods do not correspond to the order (for example, sent the wrong model).
4.11.6 Contract discontinuation of the goods to be purchased immediately (no later than 30 calendar days) to return.
4.11.7 Buyer agrees with the possibility that the point of abusing refuses to serve him in the future
4.11.8 If the buyer exercises his right to withdraw from the purchase and sale agreement will enter into force after the return of the goods in terms of section 4.12.
4.12 Refund of payment provides a means of payment, the purchaser uses the following options:
    • exchange of other goods, with recalculation of the subscription price;
    • subscription amount paid for the transfer of customer loyalty bill system;
    • order repayment of the amount paid for the client’s account. Repayment will be made only by bank transfer only to the account from which the subscription was paid. Repayment will be made no later than 14 calendar days after the customer’s application;
    • Contract refusal is necessary to send an e-mail to the following contents:Hereby withdraws from the contract, the object of which is the following thing:- product name- Ordered on- The date of receipt- Name of consumer- Consumer mail address- Date
5.1 protected e-shop, where is safe to buy:
  • All orders vormistus- and payment operations are secured by modern SSL-protected connection-based technologies;
  • if desired, the user can authenticate themselves with an ID card.
6. PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION adheres to the protection of personal data, best practices and guided by the Personal Data Protection Act:
  • the customer is asked to comply with an order to necessary data;
  • the customer is notified transfer of personal data to third parties (for example, a request to the lease);
  • kullerifirmadele delivery data is transmitted by default.
7. Liability and Force Majeure
7.1. responsible for the customer and the customer in front of violation of these terms to the other party for damage caused by the current legislation in the Republic of Estonia and the extent.
7.2. is not responsible for the damage caused to the client or delay in delivery of a product if the damage or the delay is due to the fact that could not affect, did not and could not have foreseen. 

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